Review: Head Cases 101 – 102

Usually, I try not to judge too quickly and wait for reviewing after a few episodes. Fox however, only needs the ratings, and hence, the first axe has swung already after 2 episodes. It’s tough, being a new legal drama with so many already airing. It’s even tougher when there’s another new one with the same outline (two very different characters teaming up, see Just Legal on the WB).
This show has the sympathetic panic attack prone Chris O’Donnell teaming with the hot head Adam Goldberg. There’s a little bit of drama, and a little bit of comedy. And the writing is solid, though not too daring. Maybe there could be an overkill, but Fox’s next decision was to put back a reality show, without giving this one (it has six finished episodes) a chance. And that’s just too bad, because I’d rather have mild entertainment, than no entertainment at all.

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