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Candy CSI

Monday, March 13th, 2017

Look at the overwhelming proof (click for larger image):

You don’t have to be a detective to know which rascal went rogue, and used a scissor to open the bag, then hide the evidence.
The answer I got when I interrogated the only suspect I ever had: “It happened all by itself”.
So. obviously, this happened:

Barber duty finished

Saturday, November 5th, 2016

After 4+ years of monthly 2 hour bath tub sessions trying to cut his hair in some form of acceptable fashion, trying not to fatally wound him, he finally dares to sit still in the real barber’s chair. Thanks to Paul at Paul’s Barbershop who’s been my barber for roughly 28 years already.
Paul's barbershop


Friday, October 28th, 2016

Sept 2016:

Talking about MMS:
“In Android Nougat, we’ve both hardened and re-architected mediaserver, one of the main system services that processes untrusted input. First, by incorporating integer overflow sanitization, part of Clang’s UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer, we prevent an entire class of vulnerabilities, which comprise the majority of reported libstagefright bugs. As soon as an integer overflow is detected, we shut down the process so an attack is stopped,” Xiaowen Xin of the Android security team said.

Oct 2016:

“The Tencent Keen Security Lab Team from China has won a total prize money of $215,000 in the 2016 Mobile Pwn2Own contest run by Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) in Tokyo, Japan.”

…by sending an MMS message to a fully patched Google Nexus 6P (no user interaction required) 🙁 Well, at least the code didn’t go public yet and Google will probably fix it as soon as possible.

Like father, like son

Friday, October 28th, 2016

Having the same Footlocker exclusive Nike model for a good chuck of 2 decades (obviously, a new color everytime, starting with gold/greenish, going through several blue-ish shades with light blue, with red streaks, and black variants), they now have this model in kid sizes too. Another 2 decades to follow…?


Periscope battery sucker, it’s the app problem

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

If you’re interested, I can show you how to host your own periscope replay stream (video only, no hearts, no comments).
I ripped the stream to watch replay videos on my own web server, to test if the battery drain was still happening. It wasn’t.

Telegram <> mIRC two way communications

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

Just sayin’!

Drop a comment if you want to know more.

Why Apple doesn’t want you to buy a second hand iPhone/iPad (Second hand buying guide)

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

What isn’t really clear to most people, is that Apple actually doesn’t want people who are new to Apple to buy a second hand iPhone.
Probably nowhere to be found on the Apple website, is that an iOS device can only create 3 free iCloud accounts.
If you buy a second hand iOS device (iPhone/iPad), and you never had an Apple product before where you created an AppleID, along with the free iCloud account, you will run into this unsolvable issue.
Even if you follow other helpful websites on second hand buying of iPhone/iPads, this little fact isn’t taken into account.
So here’s a more complete guide:

Check pricing (sometimes too good to be true is really too good to be true).
Check serial number/IMEI (if the owner doesn’t give it to you, it’s already a sign it’s too good to be true): (you will also see if the owner is truthful about the age of the device, as the end date of the warranty is displayed)
Check the Activation Lock here
See if it’s locked or not. If not, you have to ask the owner to unlock it (or a full reset is enough). If the owner can’t, it’s probably a stolen device.
Check availability of original invoices/receipts (owner must be willing to give it to you, also double check if the real serial number/IMEI of the phone matches the invoice/receipt)

And here’s the part where it goes wrong because no one has it in their guide (please note, if you already use iCloud, this part can be skipped):
You have to immediately activate the device before paying!
It means, have a working nano simcard already!
It means, have power available (if device not charged).
It means, have dataplan with the sim OR have wifi available.
Walk through the WHOLE activation process.
Only after the full activation, should you pay the money. Discuss this with the owner before even setting up an appointment, so the owner knows you’ll have to sit down comfortably for 30 minutes or so, instead of the expected 30 second exchange of device/money.

Also know that since you successfully activated the device, you probably have less chance to sell it off again (there are people who value Apple because they seem more worth and keeping their worth over time, which actually doesn’t always apply as you can see)

As you can see, a lot of troubles, where Apple will be of any help to you (they can’t “reset” anything, actually they can, they just don’t want to).

What are the other ways?

Get an Android device!

Or, as lucky as I was, the owner I bought it from was willing to give up his AppleID (and hence the iCloud account) and I could change all things necessary (change email, change security questions etc). You need the owner not to only give up his accounts, he has to unlock it to with the security questions!
Obviously, this doesn’t happen often (most people use their account actively which includes backup of files, storing calendar and contacts etc). I’m betting you won’t be so lucky!

In short, Apple wants you to buy a NEW device, not a second hand. Still feel proud to associate yourself with this company?


Friday, October 24th, 2014

Reading a setup manual, probably written by a fanboy.

WordPress 4!

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Right in your face!

Google Time portals

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Google Maps and Streetview are useful tools. Mostly I use it to plan my route, hereby (sometimes) eliminating the need for navigation on the road (by checking crossroads, points of reference near the destination and such).
Other times, I just use it out of curiosity, when someone mentions a place, and I want to take a look around for whatever reasons.
Only this time, it was a mind boggling trip. I had to check a few times, thinking I landed in a scifi TV episode of some kind, but here you can check it yourself. I found no less than 2 time portals, hence, you will see stuff from 3 different time periods (look at the logo. One with a brown background, one without, and a total other one).
Time travel here (patience, 46MB)
Of course, it’s understandable to have some jumps here and there, but you’d expect them more far and away, not in just one spot.

Spam spam spam

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

For a particular company, I spit through the spam box to manually select IP numbers for IP blocking (thereby relieving the scanning engine). I do it manually to minimise false positives, so I also employ reverse DNS lookup for that. Currently it totals 5616 IP numbers, and here’s a small break down of it:

364 .in
251 .id
188 .br
163 .ru
125 .vn
52 .ar
41 .it
36 .ua
19 .es
18 .nl
17 .il
12 .fr
10 .pt

Fun fact: 259 numbers resolve to localhost, meaning there are some clever bastards with high level DNS access at work.

So here’s the quote for today: “Hey Indians, Indonesians, Brazilians, Russians, Vietnamese, Argentinians and Italians, there are free antivirus programs available, y’know”

New diet…

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Submitted through AH Customer Service:

Al enige tijd maak ik gebruik van jullie potje Zeezout met molen. Het is maar sinds kort dat ik erachter kwam dat er behalve zeezout als ingredient een ander zeeblauw substantie (foto’s op aanvraag), puur bij toeval toen ik een zout in pan deed om pasta te koken en wat vreemds zag drijven. Vast om de regel “Volle zilte smaak” waar te maken. Toch ben ik hier niet van gediend. Mij is namelijk nooit verteld dat plastic deel uitmaakt van de welbekende “schijf van vijf”. Integendeel, ik denk zelfs dat het uitmaakt van een andere schijf (schijf van dingen die je ZEKER niet moet eten)
Als u de foto’s bekijkt denkt u vast, “die heeft zijn zoutgehalte in zijn hersens niet op orde, die vlokjes zijn lichtblauw, terwijl de molen donkerblauw is”, maar met een scherp mesje heb ik het zelf getest, het plastic komt gewoon van de molen af.
Mijn eis:
a. Zet bij de ingredienten de correcte plastic soort/samenstelling, zodat mensen zelf kunnen beslissen of ze dit willen opnemen in hun dieet.
b. Ontsla de genie die een plastic molen ontwerpt dat zwakker is dan zoutkorrels (de smoes, “het was een verassing dat de korrels juist van die zee waar het vandaan komt zo hard zijn !” gaat toch echt niet op hier)



Response yay!

Geachte heer Ung,
Hartelijk dank voor uw bericht van 5-6-2011.

Wij bieden u onze excuses aan voor het gegeven dat de kwaliteit van de verpakking van de zeezout molen niet in orde is, waardoor u blauw plastic van de molen heeft aangetroffen tijdens de bereiding van uw gerecht. Onze producten worden op uiterst hygiënische wijze geproduceerd. Wij hebben strikte afspraken met onze leveranciers over kwaliteit, veiligheid en hygiëne. Dat u desondanks een ongerechtigheid heeft aangetroffen vinden wij zeer vervelend. Wij hebben uw melding doorgegeven aan onze kwaliteitsmanager, zodat deze ook de leverancier op de hoogte kan brengen.

In de winkel kunt u gebruik maken van de AH kwaliteitsgarantie. U kunt het artikel bij uw volgende winkelbezoek omruilen voor een nieuw exemplaar of u ontvangt op vertoon van de kassabon het aankoopbedrag terug. Bent u niet meer in het bezit van de kassabon, dan vernemen wij graag van u in welke winkel (plaatsnaam+straatnaam) u normaal gesproken uw boodschappen doet.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Albert Heijn Klantenservice


Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Watching an episode of Hawaii Five-0, I did my usual routine. As I’m always curious about locations, where they’re shot, and have a look around for myself, I always do some Google Streetviewing now and then. This time however, my mind was actually curious about the distance to the US shore. But instead of using Google Earth’s measure tool, I was lazy and input Los Angeles in Google Maps instead for a quick measure. If you ever have a month long vacation, here’s how to spend it (actually, you need a bit more, Google estimates this trip at 15 days and 1 hour).

Hawaii Kayak

R.i.P Raja

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

02-01-2010, a few weeks short of becoming 16 years:
The cat that could meow on command, usually only when hungry.

Behold, one unique movie capture (none other in the world exists, You can’t hear my giving the command, as it’s 5 percent audio and 95 percent facial cue.):

Whawt ?

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Yesterday I wrote a complaint about the irritating radio commercial from Yacht, where I explained that besides the obvious reasons, my main reason was how they made up their own pronunciation of their own freakin’ name. With the obvious English “a Randstad company” byline, they’re trying to emphasize an international image, but why the hell don’t you pronounce it in proper English ? (\’yät\ instead of \’yo:t\)
Now, I don’t mind a company making a fool out of itself, it’s just that now some kids might think they’ve learned a new word, and will be using the wrong pronunciation for the rest of their lives.

Here’s their response:

Geachte heer, mevrouw,

Gisteravond ontvingen wij uw e-mail. Er ontbreekt een telefoonnummer, zodat we geen persoonlijk contact met u kunnen opnemen.
Uit uw bericht maak ik op dat u moeite heeft met hoe het woord Yacht in de commercial wordt uitgesproken. Wij hebben hier meerdere reacties op gekregen en zullen hier nog meer aandacht aan besteden bij het opnemen van volgende commercials.

Mocht u nog vragen of opmerkingen hebben dan kunt u uiteraard contact met ons opnemen.

Met vriendelijke groet

Manager Marketing & Communicatie

Yacht Group Nederland