Review: Must Love Dogs

I haven’t seen many romantic comedies this year, but the latest weren’t letdowns, so I thought I’d try another one, especially since the line up might be an indication for the quality of the movie. With Diane Lane, John Cusack and Christopher Plummer, you might think the acting part can’t go wrong. The writing and directing comes from Gary David Goldberg, who delivered drama and laughs in Familie Ties, and just laughs in Spin City.
Too bad though it didn’t go as I had expected. Diane Lane is much better suited for the thriller or drama type of movies. My face was especially sour looking when the mandatory punch lines were so weak, it was almost embarrassing. And Cusack is now officially in the danger zone of being typecast for the charming love seeking guy. Mix these ingredients with the VERY dull script, and you have a disaster on your hands. I don’t mind waiting for the good jokes, or the good story, but when you’re still waiting while the end credits come rolling, it’s really too late.5-.

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