Review: Nestle Chocolate tablets

You’ve seen them magically appear on my table, and now it’s time to review them. All are new, so new, here and there it’s not even localised, so you’ll have to bear with me with the untranslated parts. The thin luxurious tablets are all 150 grams, and since they appeared magically, I have no pricing.

First up is from the Coeur Patissier series, Tiramisu. Extra fine chocolate, covering a bit of crispy cookie layer, with a very light tiramisu taste. The contrast is okay, and there’s a slight milky taste to it. It’s not addictive, but it’s definitely okay.7.

Second is another Coeur Patissier, it’s Crumble a la Pomme. Front cover shows a apple pie picture, but the taste is more sharp, the artificial candy like flavor. While it is very edible, only after a few bites, you’ll have this “Wow, I’ve had enough” feeling. Definitely a self controlling sweet. Then again, I’m not on a diet.6.

Third up is another one of the same series, with the title Poire Belle Helene. Exquisite title, exotic taste. The extra fine chocolate melts away perfectly, while the creamy cacoa mass inside provides a transitional phase to the dried pieces of pear. The taste is unconventional, but it’s very nice. Texture of pear is like wine gummy candy, but without the sticking between the teeth part. And above all, every dried piece of fruit is highly nutritional (think mango or raisins), so it’s healthy while you enjoy this highly addictive piece of chocolate art.8½.

Off to the fourth, from the Coeur Truffe series, a l’Orange. This tablet is a bit more massive, and the bites melt less quickly in your mouth. The content is no surprise, truffle with an orange flavor. For contrast, the are crispy sugary cacoa and orange pieces. The pieces could be a bit sharp though (which will scratch a bit on the palate of your mouth), and the flavor is a bit heavy on the stomach. This means there’s only a slight chance of addiction.8-.

Last but not least, is the Noir Pamplemousse. Like the direct translation says, dark chocolate with piecies of dried grapefruit. The natural bitterness of the grapefruit combines nicely with the bitterness of the extra dark chocolate (64% cacoa). It’s a strong combo with intense flavor, and hence, this is the only tablet that’s 100 grams (the other ones are 150 grams). With a slower melting rate, it takes about the same time to eat away the same amount of the others in the same time though. Fans of dark chocolate will definitely love this.8.

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