Review: Nestle Extreme Gold Miniatures

As you can seen in my last ice cream review, I wasn’t too happy with the new Extreme Gold ice cream cone from Nestle, but now they have another version, Extreme Gold Miniatures. 12 Really tiny cones, with the same concept (the cone is solid chocolate), but with a whole taste overhaul. The ice cream itself is luckily either vanilla or chocolate (6 of both) and the taste is rich (replacing the milky substance in the big Straciatella version). It seems the chocolate outside seems richer too, and it looks like it melts faster (or that could be my imagination. And since it’s so small, it’s in your stomach before you know it anyway). Despite the small size, I can vouch for every little one, it will be a treat. Try it. Twelvice. You’ll like it.8½.

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