Review: The Comeback 101 – 104

With this comeback (airing on HBO) Lisa Kudrow kills a bird with three or four stones. Technically it is her comeback on the small screen (after Friends), but she also had developer’s credits (writer/exec. producer), and the show itself is about an actress’ comeback from a sitcom, who alongside has a reality show filming this comeback. However, this semi-reality isn’t anything fresh. That thunder had already been stolen with Unscripted (also HBO) and in some degree Fat Actress (Showtime), all from this past TV season. Of course, anything can work if it’s really well written, but this series is not. Lingering too long on the same joke, and unimaginitive situations makes this one of the lower quality show ever to air on HBO. If it wasn’t TV’s low season, I’d drop it a long time ago.

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