Review: 7 Seconds

It’s been a while, but like gambling, you have to give it a try now and then. So for my first direct-to-dvd movie of this year, I thought I wouldn’t try anything too risky, and bet on Wesley Snipes. Still, the fact remains it is a direct-to-dvd for a reason (and hence mr. Snipes has to be careful not to follow in the same footsteps of Jean-Claude van Damme, Steven Seagal and the likes, as he picks more and more of these projects in between his blockbusters), and it becomes evident within moments after the start of the movie.
It’s a big cliche driven show cluttered with C actors with degrees in overacting. The director thinks he can make a difference with strange camera angles, but you can jot down the next line as an irrefutable fact. There no future for this guy beyond these type of movies (in fact, his next one is one starring the aforementioned Jean-Claude). Next, the low-budget feel is all over the place, and the editing is shoddy at best. There are absolutely no technical or creative highlights to be praised.
So that’s it, no more direct-to-dvd’s for me. There’s no reason to ever touch one again, but you have to keep hoping. So, talk to ya again next year.3½.

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