Review: 2005 1st quarter ice cream

While officially, we’re in the second quarter of this year already, let’s just say it reflects my hope of 3 more quarters of new ice creams to be flavored.

First up is Ola’s Magnum 5 Senses (€2.99). Those 3-packs are harder to find than a diamond ring in the Nile (and I mean the $1 million 6.1-carat ring that Ben Affleck gave Jennifer Lopez, not the $500.000 4.5-carat ring that he gave Jennifer Garner this week).
The first 3-pack (which probably means another 3-pack is on its way, with one sense making an encore) contains Taste, Touch and Aroma.
Taste is a Magnum with a subtle caramel taste to it. It’s actually so subtle, you probably won’t notice. Touch is again, just a Magnum, but the chocolate outside has hazelnut in it. The most special one is Aroma, a Magnum with chunks of coffee beans in the chocolate, giving it extreme taste and contrast (very crunchy). If you include the hidden sense (the sense of perception, because this Magnum is smaller than the regular “normal” Magnum), it makes the whole experience not extra special. Then again, the regular Magnum was pretty good to start with.7½.

Second is Nestle’s Extreme Gold Straciatella (4-pack €2.81). It’s a cone, with vanilla ice cream with chocolate decoration. First thing you’ll notice is that it’s not the normal crunchy cookie cone, instead it’s chocolate. Combined with the chocolate that’s already in ice cream, it’s a bit of overkill. Then you’ll notice Nestle isn’t experienced with ice cream at all. It’s more milky than creamy, resulting in a flimsy flavor.6+.

Lastly, we have Ola’s Cornetto Passion Pannacotta Chocolate (4-pack €3.09). First you is, you wonder what the hell pannacotta is. Well, it’s an italian recipe made from cream, which you have too simmer and after adding gelatin, after which you freeze it for a few hours. For this icecream, it’s just a normal cone, with several levels of sweetness to it. Not too surprising, but it’s nice nonetheless.8-.

4 Responses to “Review: 2005 1st quarter ice cream”

  1. Mr T Says:

    You should send this to Felix Meurders…maybe he is more interested in this kind of reviews than I am…

  2. Qbix Says:

    Very interresting. Let’s hope tienz doesn’t see this one else the fridge gets filled again

  3. Tienz Says:

    Too late! Tienz has seen and read this. Qbix, let’s buy a bigger fridge! 😆

    Oh, and I’m always interested in your reviews! Keep up the good work!

  4. chisen Says:

    Ik heb nog niet de eer gehad om die Magnums te proeven want ik zoek me nog steeds suf… Please, help me!

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