US Box Office

The first movie to have permission to film inside the UN Headquarters was interesting enough to land at the top spot. Sydney Pollack’s return to the director’s chair, earns The Interpreter $22.8 million.
The Amityville Horror is still scary enough for a runner up spot, with $14.2 million. Sahara also drops one place, in its second week on the third place with $9 million.
At 4 a second entry this year already for Ashton Kutcher. A Lot Like Love opens with $7.7 million.
Rounding off the top five is Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle. With Sony behind it, it has a better strategy than Chow’s previous entry Shoalin Soccer, which earned less than $500.000 last year, due to Miramax’s decision to let it run limited only. The first taste was still a good one though, as Sony’s decision for a sub-titled version (instead of Shoalin Soccer’s dubbing) opens with a wide release, hustling some $7.3 million.

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