Review: Kelsey Grammer Presents The Sketch Show 101 – 103

I never really liked Frasier, and it going off the air after 11 seasons and 5 consecutive Emmies didn’t bring a tear to my eye. Kelsey Grammer, however, keeps himself busy. Through his own production company, he’s been making TV series for all networks (Medium on NBC, Girlfriends on UPN), and this sketch show is made for Fox.
As the title may or may not suggest, Kelsey is probably working mostly behind the screen, showing up in only one or two sketches. The rest is done by a five headed crew.
Being literally a sketch show, there will be a lot of hits and misses, unlike sitcoms where you still have a story to rely on if a few jokes fail. For this particular sketch show though, you’ll be counting the misses most of the time. The first episode was a nice try, but after that, it gets tedious and even predictable. Again, if it’s going off the air (which may be soon, if the ratings keep declining like they do now), not only will I not be shedding a tear, I will finally be laughing.

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