Review: Assault on Precinct 13

While the title explains the whole movie, there’s more to it than at first sight. Script and directing puts you right in the middle of a intense suspenser with some mild psychological thriller elements. High paced actions with strong dialogue keeps you busy for the whole 100 minutes. While some dialogue comes out a bit contrived, the cast is strong enough to keep your attention somewhere else.
Headlining is probably the most underrated actor of the last century, only being nominated twice for an Oscar. Adding insult to injury, Ethan Hawke has been unlucky at making a dent at the box office, while he keeps choosing roles with more depth and weight than usual.
No lightweight either is Laurence Fishburne, a worthy adversary for Ethan.
Definitely a siege worth sitting out.8-.

2 Responses to “Review: Assault on Precinct 13”

  1. Mr T Says:

    Why??? Pretty standard, and no hot chicks. I see no reason at all to give a 8-…:lol:

  2. KaNam Says:

    That your eyes didn’t register Maria Bello, is not my problem.

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