Review: Elektra

Fearing another Daredevil experience (a pretty normal actioner, but pretty bleak when compared with the X-Men and Spiderman powerhouses), I thought I’d wait for a non-theatrical release, to see how Jennifer Garner holds up on her own. Proven her acting qualities in 4 seasons of Alias, this movie didn’t need her to even break a sweat. The movie itself wasn’t as bad as I expected, with everything floating between mediocre and just fine. The script isn’t that complicated, and leans more to action sequences to keep the pace going. Characters, again, like Daredevil, lack any depth, but Jennifer makes up a lot for that with high quality acting (and ass kicking). If you’re into this genre, it’s okay to see once. If not, you probably wouldn’t recommend anyone else to see it (and hence, it bombed at any box office it has encountered so far).7-.

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