Many of you know I’ve had a pocket knife on me that’s probably older than most of my friends. At age 7, I managed to trade one of those flimsy thumb-sized souvenir styled pocket knife (you know, with a promotional picture on the sides) for a better equipped and larger pocket knife. While it was clear that knife was already older, I saw potential. As you can see in other post, over the past 24 years, I’ve lost it MANY times, sometimes I had to get around without it for days. However, now it’s final, after 2 weeks, I still can’t find it.
So, it’s time for an upgrade. I’ve had my cutleries already from Victorinox (and the damage it has done since, see here and here), and they seem indestructable (though it’s not invulnerable against sloppy pre-dish-washing-throws in the garbage can. Yes, I think I lost a few forks this way.)
While on a shopping stroll in a department store in Hamburg, I saw a Victorinox pocket knife stand, and I was sold. Most versions still fit the extra pocket in most Levi’s jeans, and the patented locking mechanism had me sold (which automatically ups the size from “normal” pocket knives to fulll hand-sized). If you have a dangerous job already, protecting oneself from potential damage is always a plus. Take a look here which version I bought, and that for just around 25 years (which brings the expense to just 1 euro a year if I don’t lose it again for another quarter century).
I recommend this gem of a tool to everyone, and dare you to undercut (pun intended) my record of hacking off live fingers with an average speed of 0.72 seconds (beating the old record of 0.93 seconds with my old knife). Of course, other job related records are also possible, if you can’t stand a little bit of blood. Things like cutting through electric or UTP cables, precision cable stripping and hard plastic package opening.

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  1. OOsz Says:

    Hey Kimpie.

    I noticed you bought a new knife. But did you actually knew that your favourite knife manufacturer Victorinox created a knife that has “Kimputer” spelled all over it?

    Here ya go: http://www.victorinox.com/index.cfm?site=victorinox.ch&page=350&lang=E

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