Review: Quantum of Solace

The second Daniel Craig outing as the not so secret agent (while just earning his 00 license, already everyone knows him by name and face), and it’s the same raw violence, but with less depth and drama. It’s a bit sad, since that’s what made Casino Royale so good, but director Marc Forster thought he’s go straight forward with just action. And that’s the strange thing, the director of dramas like The Kite Runner and Finding Neverland abandons that what he is good at, and goes for something he’s never done.
And it shows, action sequences are cut together with scene changes easily counted by mere frames (while brand logos, like Ford, get some full seconds), making some sequences a total blur of head scratching and wondering what the hell is happening.
That’s not to say it didn’t inherit some good things from Casino Royale, there’s still a bit of drama and intrigue, and M plays her role well again. It also still abandons high tech gadgets and the following breed of bad and mismatched CGI overload, depending on more traditional stunts and car chases, giving it a more authentic feeling.
While it will be a break out hit again, building on its first chapter’s success (probably outpacing its previous boffo earnings), it’s definitely no master piece like The Dark Knight, and hence will have to do with a lower box office score.
So, it’s lacking and slightly below expectations, but still enjoyable.7+.

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