*Chop* again

Another chapter of The Dangerous Belgian Bought, Swiss Made Utensil story. Unlike last time, which was a slice of meat from my left index finger, this time it’s a deep cut in my right thumb. That’s mainly because even though it’s just a utensil, it’s so sharp, I use it to chop everything, from meat to veggies, to wood, concrete, hardened steel and industrial diamonds. Apparently, I keep forgetting the “AWAY” part of the chopping motion. Time to up my life insurance level.


2 Responses to “*Chop* again”

  1. B. Says:

    Dude. Was such a high res photo really necessary? Yyyikes. 😯

    Amature cutter, you are.

  2. Tienz Says:

    Ew!!! 😮
    And? Did you cry for your mommy? 😉

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