Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

The pirates are showing their age, and they’re definitely getting tired. Like the last one, it was less sea-worthy (yet managing to break box office records for opening, and total), but there’s more.
There’s still nothing really going on with the characters, with less than a handful of meaningful dialogues. The rest gets mixed in with the story, which is utter chaos. Inside the chaos, there’s the occasional backroom backstabbing dealmaking, supposedly to make the story more interesting. But there’s really nothing new to tell.
But the worst part is, there’s nothing new to show as well. Had we new creatures and ships in the last one, it’s all aboout the same here. Had the last one a few nicely executed stunts, it’s all the same here.
That leaves you only with the quick jokes and the need for closure, and that’s really not a lot.6.

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