Review: 2 x Magnum + 2 x Nestlé Extrême MYSTERE

Summer has already come and gone (maybe it will come back, maybe it will not, you can’t be really sure !). Still, I’ll review no less than 4 new flavors of ice cream I’ve come across:

Magnum Ecuador Dark: The usual Magnum (vanilla ice cream), with only the jacket made from pure chocolat (67% cacao). To be honest, it doesn’t taste that pure, and the difference with the regular Magnum is not distinct enough. That being said, of course the regular Magnum is no treat I’m saying no to.7½.

Magnum Colombia Aroma: This is a coffee flavored Magnum, both jacket (crunchy caramel sugar bits in the coating) and ice cream have it. The flavor is strong enough, but it’s not really new. This was actually already done in 2005, from the 5 Senses series, then also named Aroma, ‘cept the crunched coffee beans in the coating have been replaced with the sugar bits. And that’s actually an improvement (more tasteful). For coffee lovers, this will give you the caffeine rush in ice cream format.8½.


Nestlé Extrême MYSTÈRE Coco CÅ“ur Chocolat: As the name might suggest, it’s probably imported from France, as any Dutch scribings are minimal and mostly focuses on the packaging (actually saying the carton box is easy to open !). 4 Individual packaged dessert sized ice cream scoops, the picture looks more mouth watering than the real deal does. This one, translated is ice cream with a coconut scrapings jacket and chocolat core. There’s no contrast in texture, as the coconut is soft, and the ice cream can be considered too milky. The chocolat used inside is a watery sugar mix, and doesn’t do real chocolat justice. While not gag-inducing, it’s probably not something you should buy because of the enticing package. Better get yourself the familiar Bounty Ice Cream instead.5½.


Nestlé Extrême MYSTÈRE Vanille CÅ“ur Meringue: As with above, the colors on the package have been highly distorted to make you wanna try this, but in this case, I don’t mind. The vanilla ice cream is really extremely vanilla flavored, and the meringue core (basically, sugar, AGAIN, but in another form) and sugary nut crisp (the one also used on the side of cakes) is sweet enough to induce a diabetes attack. This is truly for the people with a sweet tooth the size of a basket ball (me !). The combination though, makes it a bit addictive, so better keep a few insuline shot at hand.9-.

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  1. Constance Says:

    Excellent review! 😀

    Boy I reeeeealy miss the Magnum Double Chocolate in stores in Holland. Thank God they’re available in France. Best icecreams ever imho.

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