Taiwan – Relaxation Update

No update for a while, because I was doing a lot of things not involving me sitting behind a computer. And once again, I won’t be doing that a lot, so here’s just a picture of a hotel room I just checked in.

Jealous yet ?

Anyway, more pics and post will probably follow when I’m home in a few days (Tropical storm Fengshen (Frank) willing).

Oh, and I’m typing this on my newly bought HP MiniNote 2133 (1GHz ViaCPU, 1GB, 120GB HDD, 8.9″ LCD, SuSE10.1 Desktop). Not too fast, and battery life is probably nothing spectacular (I couldn’t track down the more advanced specified models), but at least it’s small and light, so I can carry it around more easily.

2 Responses to “Taiwan – Relaxation Update”

  1. OOsz Says:

    wOOOt. Nice rooom kimpie!!!

    Hehe, bought a notebook for a special price -aight-? 😛

    Have a splendid time also this last days, and I’m enjoying your reports very much!!! 😆

    (Did you taste already the Ben & Jerry’s taste “Baked Alaska” ??

    Have lots of fun!!


  2. Marz Says:

    Seems like a nice notebook to me 😉 If i have to believe the pictures, it’s _very_ small 🙂

    If you want to stay with linux, and SUSE seems to be slow, you could try xubuntu (which uses the xfce windowmanager, and is designed for old/not powerful hardware 😉 )

    But i wonder, when do you *ever* need a window in the bathroom, that looks out to the sleeping room ?? 🙄 But it looks very nice 😀

    btw: is Taiwan covered by free wifi and/or open wifi networks (or other possibilities for free internet) ? 😉

    Looking forward too see more of your pics 🙂

    Well, enjoy the last days and fly safe (you _did_ see all the Lost episodes, right ? :mrgreen: ) 😀

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