Review: Sex and the City

Being dragged along for a girl’s movie, it only happens when you finally have a girl friend. The upside (this time), I didn’t fall asleep.
Since I didn’t see any of the episodes, only knowing it’s was hit series on HBO, it was kind of a surprise to me to see a movie play out in such a simple way. The story itself is utterly simple, easily described in half a line, but the dialogue and small confrontations that tries to drive this girl vehicle along, are so simple, I can’t believe it’s been on the air for 6 years. At least there are some jokes going around, but the quips are basic and not too sophisticated.
Objectively, I can say it’s not a very good movie, even though the IMDB demographic ratings breakdown is funny to watch (4.2 males/7.5 females), it just suggest females can’t be objective when they see words like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace, DG and Chanel flying around.4+.

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  1. Marz Says:

    Hehe, prepare yourself, coz i don’t believe this whas te last time you where dragged to a girly-movie*

    How bad is it, that the last words don’t mean anything to me (i don’t even recognize like 50%) ? 😛

    * No offence ofcourse 😉

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