Taiwan: Smart Update

Here are some nifty things I noticed in Taiwan.
Basically, every room has an airco unit, due to the weather patterns here. For Taipei city, you should count on some 2 or 3 million units alone. Lots of energy needed for that.
However, to compensate, I’ve noticed almost all homes voluntarily already have all their traditional glowing lamps replaced by fluorescent saving ones ones.
Here are some pictures of simple but effective tricks I’ve seen in all homes.

All light switches have a tiny light indicator if it’s off. It means if you enter a room (which is sometimes naturally dark), you can find the switch in an instant. No more walking around like a ghost bumping your knee into the kitchen table.

Most power extension blocks have individually switched connectors. Really handy, just switch off the things you don’t really need in an instant.

Here are some other saving techniques introduced. The staple-less stapler. As you can see, it’s an HP invention, and I don’t know if you can buy it or not (I got it for free from someone), but it’s really handy dandy. As you can see, it works by punching a whole and folding the newly created flaps it through the back.

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  1. Marz Says:

    I just ran into a staple free stapler @ ThinkGeek (costs at this moment $5.99)
    Click my nick to visit website (as i remember Kimpie does not allow url’s in the comments, spam ftw 😈 ) :p

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