Taiwan part deux

Some more live reporting, I noticed the current fashionable hair style for males seems to be half/semi/mid-long to girl-ish long, so consistently, that I can say with the highest certainty that I have the shortest haircut of the country.

What this city holds to the highest standard is service. In restaurants, there are always enough waiters running around quickly tending to your every need. In stores it’s the same, helping try out as many products as you see fit, eagerly opening and repacking the packages.
This level of service I’m not used to, let alone some trivial (local ?) thing as a footmassage. Check this link to see what it entails (beyond the obvious of course).
What it fails to mention is that a Guantanamo Bay detainee (terrorist suspect or not) will be more comfortable than me in one of those 6-stars establishment. Unbeknownst to me, I did not expect that so many thousands of bones and muscles could be hurt in just one foot. Now have this excruciating pain continue for 40 minutes and if it wasn’t for my gamma-radiated hardened body, I’d be out rolling on the pavement, crying like a little baby. So, be warned, because even though everything here is cheap, you still actually have to pay for this “service”.

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  1. Marz Says:

    Maybe it’s your reputation that makes everyone so attending when you are around ? 😛

    Dare i to say, that the footmassage part is kinda ROFL (caps intended ;)) ? 🙂

    But i’m wondering when the pictures of that website where taken, coz everyone is happy and smiling 😛

    I’m hoping your foot “injury” doesn’t keep you from live-blogging (and taking pictures), and i can’t wait to read your final review 😀

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