Review – The Incredible Hulk

Luckily, Tapei is so big, there are several cinemas here as big as I’m used to back at home. But that’s not the issue here.
The issue at hand here is mean green and frankly, quite bulky.
Also, it’s been only 5 years ago that Hulk was released. Now already comes a quasi-sequel/retcon.
Basically, it removes all the good things Ang Lee put in, and leaves in the action. The general public will love it (proven by a higher IMDB score), but I think it’s for the worse. Of course, Edward Norton is still a good actor, but the original Bruce Banner (played by Eric Bana) had more emotional depth to work with. Same goes for Liv Tyler (Betty Banner, originally played by Jennifer Connoly).
That’s not to say this movie isn’t entertaining, because it certainly is. The action is brutal, and there are enough setups for either a sequel or Marvel team-up.
For those who need instant superhero gratification, this is it. For those needing depth, rewatch the original.7½.

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