Reporting live from Taiwan…

Arrived safely after my first airplane flight in centuries, so I can report live what’s been happening.

Choosing the cheapest ticket from China Airline, I was suprised by the service provided, and hence to the personal entertainment systems for the Economy class, I can even review 2 movies now.

The Cleaner:
Star studded (Samuel L. Jackson, Ed Harris, Eva Mendez, directed by Renny Harlin), yet a direct-to-DVD title. Outline seems original enough, and story moves at a considerable pace. Acting is up to par, and the thriller-y story is quite okay . For an airline movie, it’s good enough, but even for a theatrical release it wouldn’t be bad.7.

Unlike a few previous internationally distributed movies, this one stays mostly domestic, and hence I missed it. A whole string of perfect comedy action flicks made me an avid Stephen Chow fan, and here’s another full production from his hands (director, writer, producer).
The non-descriptive title doesn’t reveal much, but blind faith alone is enough to get into this movie without a hitch. It’s the same off-beat drama-ish movies you’ve come to like, and this one seems lower-scale, yet evenly enjoyable. For a fan and non-fans alike, as always, it’s a must see.8.

But actually, I was here talking about Taiwan, while expecting tech heaven (as most products are developed and released here), normal living areas downtown seem a bit old. A lot of road work is done outside, but looks like it’s done small pieces by small pieces, by individuals, a stark contrast to what most western people would expect (long stretches of government maintained infrastructure).
Furthermore, it’s heavily packed, (and dogs and cats do not fit well as pets), and parking problems do not only occur for cars, but also for the scooters.
Unknown if it’s the fines, strict control, or just plain overall respect, it’s all clear outside, no stray garbage to be found on the streets both downtown and urban areas.
Besides scooters, air-co’s are a must-have too, most homes having a unit in every room. Needless to say, it’s overly hot and humid here.

Anyway, for a picture report head over here.

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  1. OOsz Says:

    \o/ . Great story kimputer! Nice to read and impressive pics!

    Enjoy your stay and have lots of fun!

    Marz and OOsz

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