Review: Cloverfield

A much-hyped mysterious disaster movie coming from producer JJ Abrams. Instating less experienced fellow producer from their TV show Felicity, Matt Reeves, as director seems like a risky move, but luckily, it all works out.
From a story point of view, but also from the viewer’s point of view, this disaster movie sets itself apart from any other. From a technical standpoint, this movie seems very simple, but looks can be deceiving. There quite a few superbly executed inventive shots, and how they inserted high grade special effects into this handheld camera moving style of shooting is a head scratcher (and that for a measly $25 million budget).
Acting is also up to par (though not much depth is given to any character, ‘cept for a love story in the background), while suspense is the main driving force. All in all, two thumbs up, though it has to be said, while superb, it’s still a disaster movie in its core (so it can’t escape the predictable main story line).7½.

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