Review: Lust, Caution

I’ve come to respect Ang Lee quite a bit over the years, delivering spectacular action movies that stand out be their character’s depth and ensuing drama. I kind of expected this one to be the same. Call me befuddled, but I actually thought this movie was a bit boring.
There is a certain simmering love/power story going on, but we never really get to know the characters. The simmering itself takes too long too, with sparse dialogue not clearing up a lot. Hence, there’s no emotional resonance to speak of. On top of that, it was hard to get a feel for the situation, not knowing how this China in WWII period played out.
Leaves the other attraction point (the much lauded hot and explicit sex scenes), but I have to say that even for the most hormone driven male viewers (much like myself), while interesting, it’s definitely not worth seeing this long stretched movie for (I wouldn’t even call it a spy thriller, as many reviewers and critics do).5+.

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