TV review – mid-WGA-strike

With the writer’s on strike, most TV shows are cutting their seasons in half. But luckily, some networks planned ahead with some mid-season replacements. Here’s a quick round:

Journeyman 101 – 113:
The first series (on NBC) to finish its run, it’s another attempt to do something with time traveling. We’ve seen it all before, with only last year’s Day Break on its heels. This one dials the serialisation back a bit, and it’s quite episodic in nature. It also means, sometimes is predictable. But for now, it seems like the average show that will do just fine as a time-filler. No tears if there’s no follow-up.

October Road 201 – 207:
One of the few drama that will run through March, also a short season. Like the first season, there’s some tension here and there, but also still the childish bits interfere with the real drama. It’s still nice to have it on the meagre scripted shows schedule though.

Extras S2 Christmas Special:
Signaling the end after two seasons (exactly like the Office went out), this special is again an extra long episode, but feeling more like a movie. Carefully written, it’s as excellent as before, it’s continuously hilarious yet dramatic. It’s sad to know there will be no more, but then again, the next Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant project will be something fresh and new to look forward to.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 101 – 103:
Fox churns out another high paced action drama, seemingly spending a good portion of the budget to get some great production value (like other Fox shows, Prison Break and 24). So, back are the good make-up effects and straight-faced mission-based Terminators, relentlessly hunting down the Connors. Not back is only Sarah Connor we knew, with the memorable Linda Hamilton replaced by the relatively unknown Lena Headey (lacking all the intensity we’ve seen in Linda Hamilton’s character). For now, in this slimmed down TV schedule, it holds up. But there doesn’t seem to be enough dynamics going around to keep it interesting for a whole season. For now.

The Colbert Report:
Returning to the airwaves, without writers, he seems to hold up quite well, looking at a blank teleprompter. Show seems to be a bit scripted (even though Stephen Colbert’s WGA membership means he cannot write his own jokes), but it’s still as funny as ever. For your daily dose of laughs, this is the place to be.

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