Review: Hertog IJs – Pistache Pracht

Yes, you’re reading it correctly off your screen. I’m mentioning that taboo word again. Pistachio. As I predicted, the last time I touched it was over 3 years ago, while reviewing another brand of ice cream, and then the Italian maffia had enough of it already, and it became a dark underground subject matter again.

Pistache Pracht

But alas, here it is again, the maffia struck a deal with Hertog, and the moment it arrived, I ate half a bucket. Seize the day, before it’s too late and the maffia retracts their mysterious license deal again.
And how does it taste ? Well, it’s all you expect from pistachio, combined with extra creamy vanilla ice cream. On top is some chocolate sauce (more sugar than real chocolate), and sprinkled pieces of pistachio (not crunchy though, it’s either soft by design, or something happened during the production process). By all means one hell of a dessert, but it somehow lacks in extraordinary flavor and texture combination, where other flavors (Appeltaart, Koffie Royaal) do excel. During my teen years, it was definitely the best around town. In its decades of absence, it tricked my mind that it was still so. In truth, the competition has advanced, and while still highly commendable, it still kinda feel like a letdown.8+.

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