Review: Ola Love Potion 2 & 4

For a moment there I thought this Love Potion series would suffer the same fate the 7 Sins series had for the Magnum (Only 2 of those arrived in the supermarket). But the next batch has finally arrived:

Love Potion 2:
A first layer of hazelnutty chocalate icecream has a nice depth to it. Halfway through, as you slowly get to the second layer, it’s plain vanilla icecream with high quality chocalate chips mixed, that melts in your mouth just as you’d expect. That means flavor and texture combined into a well produced cone.8+.

Love Potion 4:
Big surprise there. As you might have noticed, since the nineties, pistache flavored ice cream has vanished from the supermarket freezers. Might have something to do with the Italian Pistache Maffia or something, but I’m not totally happy about this situation. Little consolation is this Ola special, as I’m sure pistache will vanish for a few years again after this summer.
The first layer is covered with crunchy chocalate chips. The pistache ice cream is creamy indeed, but the pistache flavor is somewhat subdued and without character. The second layer, is another hazelnutty chocalate flavor (officially called Gianduja), and brings the end result back up to a big okay.7+.

3 Responses to “Review: Ola Love Potion 2 & 4”

  1. Bern Says:

    But the true question one must ask is: Does it do what it’s named after? DOES IT WORK?! Like: “One lick of this icecream will make you look like a Gods gift to women, a true Adonis, in the eyes of hot chicks.” Wanna know. Try it out on your niece or something.

  2. Kimputer Says:

    Actually, I’m already a God’s gift to women and a true Adonis. I have no way of telling the difference, you’ll have to ask an ugly dude to get a proper answer.

  3. Mr T Says:

    Ok Kim, I volunteer… Bring along a love potion ice cream this evening. I will make the girls that are in the cinema tonight (all 147) fall in love with me. Because you are my friend I will give 3 of the 10 I picked out to you. Deal??

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