Review: SiCKO

Third wide released documentary from controversial film maker Michael Moore (first and second being Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11), and he has to be commended for the fact that he makes docu’s that doesn’t induce a deep REM sleep.
That said, quality of this one is a tad bit lower than previous. It runs a bit long, obviously hanging in the middle too much. There are also not too many chain of facts revealed. Confrontation with the other party is also a lacking factor.
Then again, it does make a few points, and it’s quite scary our own health care system (and other social instances) is already half way heading where the States already is, mainly powered by greed from the higher top.
All in all, it’s still enough to whet the appetite for a more in-depth complitated revelations with more head on collisions in his next docu (Fahrenheid 9/11½).7+.

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