Review: Beowulf

The second performance capture movie from Robert Zemeckis (first being the Christmas movie Polar Express), and it works out pretty well. First of all, luckily it’s not a children’s movie any more, more of the opposite. Second of all, more reality based atmosphere. This combined makes it all the more palatable, but it doesn’t magically make this movie a valid blockbuster. Sure, there’s enough eye-candy and gore to go around, but the first few minutes has you crining over the choppy moving characters. But like a computer finishing its boot sequence, it’s not that obvious any more a few more minutes in. Then there’s the story, clearly lacking motives and backstory for both the pro- and antagonists. Story stays a bit flat, never leaving the usual love and war babbling.
So all in all, it’s good enough to see it once if you’re into this, but overall, it’s not a must-see.7+.

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