Review: Dirty Sexy Money 101 – 103

In the midst of the current creative crisis, one of the first series to get a full season commitment. Airing on ABC, it has big names attached to it (exec prods Greg Berlanti (Everwood, Brothers & Sisters) and Bryan Singer (House, X-Men plus sequel)), but actually hasn’t much to show for. I just tried this show because I thought it was time to hoard as much shows as I can with the WGA strike possible causing a TV blackout in the coming months.
Focusing on one family (like Brother & Sisters) and its family lawyer, it quite frankly doesn’t feel that familial. Between all the family members, there aren’t too many interactions. And with the ones shown, it’s pretty superficial. Characters are too far and apart, but doesn’t feel real at all. There’s also an ongoing backstory that might or might not develop into something, but the seriousness of that matter, combined with the strange infusion of humor also clashes in my mind.
All in all, I’m not that positive about it, but it could develop into something nice when there is a blackout (WGA and AMPTP talks resume this Monday, who knows it’ll blow over). If there’s not, I probably won’t continue with this show.

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