Pre-Strike TV Schedule

With so few TV reviews coming from me, you might actually think I’ve stopped watching TV. Not true though. While total hours might be down from last year, it’s mainly due to the quality of new entries (reviews will come at a later time).
So here’s my TV schedule before the WGA strike began. Most shows will have a (temporary ?) stop somewhere in the next months.

The Best:
Heroes (S2)
Prison Break (S3)
CSI (S8)
Pushing Daisies (S1 – new entry)
My Name Is Earl (S3)
Grey’s Anatomy (S4)
South Park (S11)
Boston Legal (S4)
King of the Hill (S12)
The Colbert Report (S3)

The Good:
Brothers & Sisters (S2)
Private Practice (S1 – new entry)
Reaper (S1 – new entry)
Brotherhood (S2)

The Okay:
Criminal Minds (S3)
Smallville (S7)
October Road (S2)
Journeyman (S1 – new entry)

As you can see, it’s a lot. But it used to be even more ! Here’s what I don’t watch (mostly new shows):

The Best, But Already Finished This Season:
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (S3)
The Sarah Silverman Program (S2)
Damages (S1)
Weeds (S3)

Only good for a few eps:
Samantha Who?
Bionic Woman
Dirty Sexy Money
Everybody Hates Chris (S3, dropped from last year regular schedule)

Never Made It Past The Pilot:
Women’s Murder Club
Big Shots
Aliens in America

So, if the strike continues, I’ll just have to continue watching the backlog of the “Only good for a few eps:” category. Or do you have a better suggestion ?

2 Responses to “Pre-Strike TV Schedule”

  1. Gert Says:

    Jericho (Season1, Season 2 is in production)

    Battlestar Galactica Season 4 (january 2008.)
    Lost Season 4 (january 2008..)
    24 Seadon 7 (january 2008…)

    or the oldies:

    M.A.S.H. 4077
    Everybody Loves Raymond

    And if you like cars: Top Gear

  2. KaNam Says:

    What an optimism. Do _NOT_ expect 24 to air anytimes soon. Even without the strike it got delayed. Now _with_ the strike, it will probably be pushed back till the 2008/2009 TV season.

    Also, Lost will air only a third of a season.

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