Review: The Simpsons Movie

Well, this is going to be an easy review. There’s no need to talk about character development, continuity (with the TV series), visual excellence (still TV quality) or anything else, for that matter. It’s just a big TV episode, with the quality around the same level.
For me, as a movie, it’s no surprise this falls a bit short. Sure, for TV, I pick it up now and then for one or 2 episodes, and that’s it. There’s nothing really pulling me back. So as a movie, being on the same level as TV, it’s quite a shame. You will get the same non-consequential story telling (the worst type, hence the reason it’s not really attracting to me), juvenile-ish humor, depending on the viewer’s delight for Homer’s stupidity (making it both predictable and repetitive).
So, it’s easy to say, it gets boring now and then, between the hit and miss potshot jokes. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to see this, not even on DVD. Just wait for the TV airing, where it originally should belong.5½.

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