Review: Planet Terror

This is the high energy part of the Grindhouse double feature. Broken apart outside the States, we have to watch it seperately, and deal with the loss of fake trailers shot by guest directors (no need to wait for the whole credits to roll out, it’s not there). While that’s saddening news we did get one before the movie, but since we’re paying twice as much as the Americans, I’d expect all of them to be included. With that expectation out of the way, Planet Terror does terrorise you. It’s definitely a higher quality gore slasher, with the usual buckets of blood and other slimy human tissue, but also some off the charts drama and humor. It’s a nice combo, and Rodriguez makes the most of his screen time (a great contrast to his counterpart Tarantino, who wasted about 90% of his screen time). As said, for its genre it’s quite good, but as a movie itself, the enjoyment is slightly barred by the lack of indepth story telling.7+.

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