“What kinda scary abbreviation is that ?” you might ask yourself. Don’t bother googling it. I just found out I was suffering it (guess I never looked at my arms that carefully during shower, or I just showered for the first time this summer). Either way, I needed to name it, so, in full it’s Car Driver Discoloration Syndrome.
Here’s a picture:


Basically, it’s the discoloration of the left arm (darker tone than the right arm), due to it hanging out the car window during sunny weather. I wonder if other people suffer from it too, or that I’m the only one. Maybe I should setup a discussion group, or an online forum. How to live with such a disgraceful abomination ? And if it turns out the be global, do the crazy Brits need their own abbreviation (rCDDS, as in reversed CDDS, so you know which arm is in play here) ?

2 Responses to “CDDS-Patient”

  1. Smart`` Says:

    Americans call that a ‘farmers tan’ 😀

  2. KaNam Says:

    Ah, my dear half-American friend, this looks positive, but upon digging through wiki-entries, it’s not entirely correct. It should be a variation on the farmer’s tan, the correct term would be trucker’s tan. At least I can live in peace now.

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