US Box Office

Superbad put a stop to the rush hour, winning the battle for the top with $33 million. Judd Apatow (Knocked Up) produced low budget comedy is beyond breaking even in its first week, a job nicely accomplished for this R rated teen comedy.
This means the Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker duo has to deal with slower traffic at two, Rush Hour 3 drops some 57%, and drives in $21.4 million, and a $87.7 cume. It’s still hard to say if it will recupe its $140 million budget domestically.
Two of the best summer earners are at 3 and 4, resp. The Bourne Ultimatum with $19.9 million and The Simpsons Movie with $6.8 million, both dropping a nice 40% and some $165 million cume, but Bourne one week fresher.
At 5 is a new entry, but The Invasion didn’t really have any impact. Invasion of the Body Snatchers remake scares up an almost non-existent $5.9 million (on a modest $50 million budget).

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