US Box Office

With the help of God Himself, Evan Almighty stands on top of the box office this week. With the same God (Morgan Freeman) but another star (Steve Carrell replacing Jim Carrey), this insanely high budgetted comedy (at $175 million, it’s more than double the amount of Bruce Almighty) also doesn’t reach the spectacular opening in 2003. With a $32 million opening, it’s less than half of what Bruce got the first round ($85.7 million).
At 2 opens 1408, at John Cusack/Samuel L. Jackson thriller doing moderately well in both critic and general public reviews. It scares up $20.17 million, only a notch lower in screen average then Evan Almighty.
At 3, the Fantastic Four ain’t rising much at all, dropping a devastating 65%, it surfs together $20.15 million in its second week. Ocean’s Thirteen brings in $11.3 million in its third week, while Knocked Up has another week with good retention, with $10.6 million (just a 24% drop).

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