Review: Die Hard 4.0

In these summer months, already halfway through all the mega sequels now, only one really REALLY delivered. And that one is named Live Free or Die Hard (why we get an alternate title, beats me.0). Three previous chapters were solid actioners in its own way. Many have copied and failed over the years, and hence, with this fourth part, it’s still the same while feeling fresh. And it’s updated to these times too, not only the looks (bald, leather jacket), but also with computers and all.
When I first hear Len Wiseman would take the seat behind the camera, I was a bit weary. Was he experienced enough to make this work, with only 2 high special effects, ultra-fast cut pictures under his belt (Underworld + sequel) ? It’s a far throw from the previous old fashioned car chasing, bomb exploding, building jumping action sequences.
But I have to tell you, it _DOES_ work. Some of the fast cutting is still there, but overall, there are inventive eye-popping sequences, from beginning to end. Some overly-big overdone special effects shots close to the end are a bit extreme, but for the whole experience, it’s quickly forgiven.
Story is reasonable too, and it’s mostly the short dialogue and quips that do the trick. As for chemistry, it’s hard to forget the team-up with Samuel L. Jackson twelve years ago, but Justin Long is performing quite well too.
All in all, for now, with less than a handful of summer tentpoles to go, Bruce is definitely the current winner.9.

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