Review: Bon Jovi – Lost Highway

Marketed as a new thangg, Bon Jovi meats Nashville, it’s strange to make Make a Memory their first release single release. It’s co-written by Desmond Child, and he’s the least Nashville-ish of the album’s collaborators.
No matter though, the other album tracks make it quite clear where it’s all heading. It’s the light instruments, he likes of banjos and mandolins, setting the tone and pace here. Longer melodic verses and more subtle choruses finish of this nice rock/country merger. Guest vocals by country singer (most notable Leann Rimes) is added for recognition.
While it’s clear now the songs with the all-too regular voice of singer Jon Bon Jovi combined with the still unspectacular lyrics aren’t really going to grow on me, the musical composition gives a warm fuzzy feeling. That means while I won’t drop these songs too often on my current playlist, when they are finally played, the positive buzz will keep my finger from the fast forward button. It’s a worty benchwarmer till the next big thing hits the stores (Jewel, Faith Hill, Shania, anyone ?).7+.

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