Review: Shrek the Third

Can two ogres keep the interest going for a third time ? The story is still roaming the fairy tale landscape, and that’s a nice touch to keep. But as a whole, it feels like nothing really new is told. There weren’t any intricate story devices, nor were smart jokes involved. A few new characters are introduced, and none of those are really memorable. Heck, none of the “regular” cast get anything remotely close to quality time. It’s beginning to feel like a Movie-turned-TV series, where you slowly begin to lose interest. If Shrek 4 (tentatively 2010) doesn’t shake things up real good, I think this franchise is doomed (if not financially, at least artistically). Of course, if you can still laugh about the burping and farting, this is still for you, coz I must admit I did laugh a few times.6½.

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