Joost Njet-a

You’ve heard’m, probably. Skype’s founders gone Internet TV. Skype has always been fun (even though I have it installed, I barely use it. Then again, that could be the lack of friends, not the program itself). But this Joost thingy, I had to check out. Rolling into the beta stage, I don’t mind either. Be it Gmail, or a new Windows version, I’ll try it for ya.
But with Joost, something else is going on. The first step into the beta process, I downloaded a non-functional program (it kept spitting out something about a network error). Now WEEKS later, the program (a new download) works and and the actual sign-up process could be finished.
But now, the actual TV viewing still isn’t working. The channel list is only filled with a fraction of what’s been promised. And the list goes on and on and on, even though I like the snappy flashy user interface.
So, there’s an elaborate Invite Friends widget built-in, even with a status list, where you can keep track which friends have activated their invite. Lemme tell you, I’ll spare you the annoying COMING UP screen. I’ll spare you the waiting for the black screen. I’ll spare you the worst Beta experience ever (even Windows Vista in its earliest stages, as slow as it was, did function). Don’t believe the hype, just keep on torrenting. It’s not like I had time to watch third or fourth grade TV reject programs anyway.
Not very Joost

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