Review: Season Finales

Early season finales this year, a bunch have already finished before the traditional May closings. Here’s a round up:

Monk/Psych: For both series, it’s major fun to see the main characters go out on a new mission every week, and they have been doing so at the same level of funniness. Both haven’t been boring once, and together, they’re a winning team (even though I thought it wouldn’t because the few similarities).

Prison Break: A whole season with a totally different feel than its first season. But while out in the open, it’s still as nail-bitingly thrilling as ever. The last second of the season finale is enough to mark your calendar already (probably 29th August).

Battlestar Galactica: Again, a season full of diversity, full range of drama and good use of characters. New revelations and new questions will keep this series going for quite a few more years. And like always, they now how to cliffhang you in a bad way. With a loooong break waiting (Jan 2008), the writers will have enough time to refuel their creative energy to put together another mind-blowing season.

Punk’d: Supposedly the last season (again), the pranks and guests are at their usual level. Sometimes funny, sometimes cheesy. Nothing really big either (no big explosions or something). And since it’s not too memorable, this being the last season might be a good thing.

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