Review: Spider-Man 3

The biggest movie around (beating King Kong’s and Titanic’s previous record budget), and second sequel for this franchise. With a comfortable 3 year gap (previous gap was 2 years), things are looking good. This just had to be better than the phenomenal Spider-Man 2.
But details on paper though, had a few other things that could concern you. Academy Awards winning SFX producer John Dykstra took off, and there are no experienced screen writers on board (previously David Koepp and duo Alfred Gough & Miles Millar).
After seeing the movie, I think the last negative points did influence the outcome a bit. There were quite a few instances where you didn’t have to look hard to find the CGI actor replacements on the screen, whereas previously you kind of had to really guess.
Also, the story setup isn’t like it was before. Less coherence, to adjust for less well-written villains, in an effort to appeal to a wider range of audience. Screenplay is now in the hands of Sam Raimi himself, with help from his brother Ivan. But I think they’ve become a bit rusty, and lacking depth. Even then, the topics are less identifiable (even a tad other-worldy) and resonates much much less than before (and hence, less memorable).
That being said, it’s still one hell of a popcorn-flick. You’ll enjoy it, but not quite as much as the previous wallcrawlers.7½.

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