Review: Eragon

THE December tentpole, but like most poles, it doesn’t deliver. Again, we have a full Brit cast, probably to save costs here and there. But that wouldn’t be so bad, if only it had a story, or any other kind of content that sticks. It’s not a character piece, it’s not a solid drama. It’s just setting up simple characters, and go through all the necessary stations, the into, journey and end fight. No humor is injected, and it’s cliche-ridden. Without any real imagination, the story is also extremely predictable, even predicting dialogue word for word is possible.
So are we served with spectacular battle scenes and inventive special effects ? That’s also a no-no, as the 98% feels small scale (with the director thinking doing a lots of wide shot of mountain scenery fly-by’s will make up for it). Then again, it’s not that childish rubbish we had last year (Narnia), but it’s pretty close.4+.

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