Consumer Fraud ?

As you may know, Sultana serves (usually the plain version) as my breakfast, and I usually get to it, when I get in the office in the morning.
So I sometimes have to take a few packages with me, to renew the stock. These I bought at the same time, and you can see the batch code and expiry date almost matching up. One difference though, one was a bit thin in its package, like a catwalk model on bulemia. So I decided to open them up and check out what was the problem:
My mind was already racing, a header for the complaint letter was almost complete, but you always have to have scientific backup if you are to stand your ground.
And behold the result, the bigger looking ones (like I’m used to), is 222 grams, 4 up from what the package states. Imagine my surprise when I weighed those skinny ones. 224 Grams !
I’ll just have to put up with the much denser “new” Sultanas, I guess.

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  1. B. Says:

    I smell a complaint coming…

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