Review: Deja Vu

And here we have the third Tony Scott/Denzel Washington collaboration, and history tells us, those are good. And while the main story outline is nothing really new (and done many times on sci-fi shows), it’s the whole package that counts. People afraid of the sci-fi factor shouldn’t be, as it’s main function is just a backdrop, and it’s nicely integrated in the story (still, nitpicks will be able to poke some holes here and there).
As always, Tony Scott directs most of his movies with a certain sense of thrillery drama, and so the acting has to be up to par. Of course, it’s all focused on Denzel, and it looks like a walk in the park for him. Not delving into the characters as deep as Man on Fire from two years ago, it’s that little bit of edge that’s lost. But all in all, still a Jerry Bruckheimer worthy production.7½.

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