US Box Office

It’s 25 feet tall, growls a lot, climbs the Empire State Building and is on top of the box office. With $50.1 million, it’s far from the Lord of the Rings openings, but with no kids free from school, and a blizzard here and there, the next few weeks will have to prove if Kong is really the King for this year (Currently SWIII, HP4 and WotW).
Second spot is for last week’s topper, Narnia and the way too long title, with $31.2 million, an expected 52% drop. At three we have The Family Stone, the umpteenth movie with Dermot Mulroney as the fiancee, with $12.7 million. Left-overs round out the top five, with Harry Potter taking $5,9 million and Syriana $5.4 million.

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