Review: The Triangle

Whoppa, 6 hours down the drain. That Bermuda thing is really evil.
Who would’ve thought with Bryan Singer’s and Dean Devlin’s name on top of it (both exec producers), such a disaster could be the result. Granted, for a 6 hour mini-series on the SciFi chan, a lower budget must be maintained, so a bit of fuzzy special effect shots isn’t something to frown upon. The story, script and overall quality however, is totally below par. Give this mini-series as an unlabeled and uncredited DVD to any random person, and when you ask for it back, he will throw it in your face, if not, make you eat it whole without any organic lubricant.
Character design and interaction, overall acting (with Lou Diamond Phillips as the only exception), outline and design of the story, it’s all puke-quality (and that’s besides the fact that most scifi fans have already seen the conclusion featured in many episodes of several series).

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