Is there a masseuse in the house ? Somehow, without actually physically straining myself, somehow, a tendon or muscle got rewired (or at least, it feels like that) somewhere between my spine and right shoulder blade. Now I can only turn my head in excruciating pain, and right arm functionality is also highly limited. If your job is an emergency masseuse, please call me. Before lunch time. (I’ve had this before to a lesser extend, and it always goes away in one or two days, so if you’re in a helping mood, help fast)

2 Responses to “EMERGENCY !!!”

  1. B Says:

    I know this big Russian woman named Olga. With her weight, she’ll crunch every bone in your body. Only footmassages though. Let me know, I’ll arrange a discount.

  2. Mr T Says:

    And? Did Olga do well?…

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