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Review: Angels & Demons

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Ron Howard helms the second Dan Brown’s novel and if you liked The Da Vinci Code you’ll probably like this one too.
For me, it’s just the basic run of the mill, cat & dog, chase the clues type of movie. The clues themselves aren’t that interesting either, mostly consisting of flipping through a book or asking a local about the history of a certain building. If you expect character development, you’re in the wrong place. Actually, it’s might even be a tad boring.
I haven’t exactly lost faith in Ron Howard, but I have with the Dan Brown conversions.5½.

Review: Star Trek

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

The bar is set high early this year already, with the likes of Transformers and Terminator having to follow THE MOVIE of the year.
Star Trek is by far all that fans have hoped for, while still being enjoyable for first timers. JJ Abrams makes concessions, and transforms a full nerd-core niche to a more accessible franchise with this action packed, but smartly written origin story. The movie is filled with quotes and knick knacks fans will recognise, but has enough fun, testosterone and sexiness for the general public.
It’s a two hour non-stop warping experience, and I sat through 80% of it with a full bladder. In the end, very glad I didn’t went to the toilet, as every second is worth watching.
All in all, just thinking about a second viewing or the DVD release will make anyone’s heart beat faster, it’s just that good. The must-see of this year. One can only hope there will be a sequel,as JJ Abrams smartly evades canon (after much consideration, I’m okay with it, but probably still a lot of hard-core fans will be pulling out their hair), he now has a clear path to do what he wants.9+.

Review: Hertog Mango & Abrikoos

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Summer is almost upon us, and luckily Hertog is releasing a new flavor of ice cream. Usually I like my ice cream really sweet. Hell, I chemically measure the sucrose level of everything before I even consider eating it.
This one however, besides being enough sweet, has a surprisingly fresh springy fruity slight sourness to it. Something I didn’t expect, this has the danger of you eating more of it than is good for you.
But alas, the sweet fruity creamy combination is just brilliant, and I suggest everyone try it before the summer begins for real.8½.

hertog mango abrikoos

Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

The history of Wolverine is all revealed in this movie, headed by an award winning almost unknown actor/director, with a handful of small South African movies under his belt. Luckily, he delivers an utterly enjoyable Hollywood action flick, having no problems with continuous action shots and wide angles (where most directors take the easy way out with short cut scenes).
Story wise, the revelations feel somewhat strange though, as decades of Wolverine comics left us in the dark about his past (and probably still do), and suddenly all the answers are out in the open. There’s obviously no time to delve into other characters (even Wolverine’s is underlighted, if you ask me), even though it’s cool they jump in and out now and then to show us some screen candy.
Acting is good too, though for Hugh Jackman it’s mostly showing us pure rage. Most surprising is a decent performance by rapper/song writer/music producer Will.I.Am.
So, even without a complicated story, it’s still a ride you don’t want to miss (let alone to prepare yourself for a few spin-offs of this spin-off).7½.

Pikture K-uiz

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Anyone care to venture a guess as to where and what this spiky building in the background is ?